Creation of the Project-Team: 2009 July 01
The Parietal team is localized in two places: in the Alan Turing building of Inria Saclay, and the Neurospin building of CEA Saclay.

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Bertrand Thirion [Team leader, Inria, Research Scientist,Senior Researcher, HDR]

Philippe Ciuciu [CEA, Research Scientist, Senior Researcher, HDR]

Shan Liu [Inria, Research Scientist, Researcher]

Gaël Varoquaux [Inria, Research Scientist, Researcher]

Faculty Member

Matthieu Kowalski [Associate Professor,Univ. Paris XI, Faculty Member, until Aug 2016]


Kamalaker Reddy Dadi [CEA]

Loïc Estève [Inria]

Ana Luisa Grilo Pinho [Inria]

PhD Students

Patricio Cerda Reyes [Inria, from Oct 2016]

Jérome Dockès [Inria, from Apr 2016]

Elvis Dohmatob [Inria, granted by Fondation Cooper. Scient. Campus Paris Saclay-DIGITEO]

Loubna El Gueddari [Min. Ens. Sup. Recherche, from Oct 2016]

Andres Hoyos Idrobo [Inria]

Carole Lazarus [CEA]

Arthur Mensch [Univ. Paris XI]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Darya Chyzhyk [Inria, from Aug 2016]

Joke Durnez [Inria, from Nov 2016]

Daria La Rocca [CEA]

Andre Monteiro Manoel [CEA, from Dec 2016]

Mehdi Rahim [Inria]

Administrative Assistants

Régine Bricquet [Inria, until Jun 2016]

Tiffany Caristan [Inria, from Jun 2016]


Alexandre Abraham [Inria, until Sep 2016]

Moritz Boos [Inria, intern, from Jul 2016 until Oct 2016]

Olivier Grisel [Inria, Engineers]

Guillaume Lemaitre [Inria, Post-Doctoral Fellow, from Dec 2016]

Joao Loula Guimaraes de Campos [Inria, intern, from Jun 2016]