Section: New Software and Platforms


NeuroImaging with scikit learn

Keywords: Health - Neuroimaging - Medical imaging

Functional Description

NiLearn is the neuroimaging library that adapts the concepts and tools of scikit-learn to neuroimaging problems. As a pure Python library, it depends on scikit-learn and nibabel, the main Python library for neuroimaging I/O. It is an open-source project, available under BSD license. The two key components of NiLearn are i) the analysis of functional connectivity (spatial decompositions and covariance learning) and ii) the most common tools for multivariate pattern analysis. A great deal of efforts has been put on the efficiency of the procedures both in terms of memory cost and computation time.

  • Participants: Gaël Varoquaux, Bertrand Thirion, Loïc Estève, Alexandre Abraham, Michael Eickenberg, Alexandre Gramfort, Fabian Pedregosa Izquierdo, Elvis Dohmatob and Virgile Fritsch

  • Contact: Bertrand Thirion

  • URL: http://nilearn.github.io/