Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry


  • Partner: YoGoKo

  • Starting: Nov 2015; ending: Oct 2018

  • Abstract: The SIMHet project is performed in partnership with YoGoKo, a start-up that develops innovative communication solutions for cooperative intelligent transport systems. The SIMHet project aims to develop a decision making mechanism that would be integrated in the ISO/ETSI ITS communication architecture. It will allow mobile devices or mobile routers to choose the best network interface for each embedded application/flow. For example, in a vehicular environment this mechanism could manage global (Internet) and local connections for each on board device/application, in order to ensure that applications and services are always best connected. Aware that "best" concept is context-dependent, such a decision making mechanism should take into account requirements from different actors (e.g., applications, user, network administrators) and contextual information. One of the difficulties is to take advantage of the knowledge the system could have about near future connectivity. In the vehicular context such information about the movement and the availability of network resources is available. If taking into account the future makes the decision making more complex, this could allow a better usage of network resources when they are available. Once current solutions in the market are based on very simple decisions, this smart mechanism will give competitive advantage for YoGoKo over its competitors.