Section: New Software and Platforms



This LHS platform is dedicated to the collect, the categorization and the analyze of malware. We are currently interested in a specific kind of malware the ransomware. The platform grabs periodically samples of public data bases, executes the ransomware without virtualization on a victim PC and evaluate the implemented detection mechanisms. Once a ransomware has been executed the image of the OS is automatically restored and a new sample is evaluated. The platform is fully automatic and target Windows platforms (seven, W10) in both 32 bits and 64 bits versions.


This LHS platform is dedicated to the EM fault injection experiments. It is composed of a motion table (XY), a pulse generator, an amplifier and a control PC. It injects EM pulses in a controlled way on a targeted device using an EM probe. It controls with a high precision the timing and the edges of the pulse. A recent development consists in adding a FPGA board to control the trigger in a more convenient and precise way. Then, the pulse can be triggered while a specific information is sent to the board under attack.


This last LHS platform is dedicated to side channel analysis (SCA) for evaluating the capabilities of dynamic countermeasure developed in the ANR Cogito. This platform uses a low cost oscilloscope, an EM probe and a set of software developed to perform the analysis. An additional oscilloscope, more performant has been added to the platform to target faster devices. We use the Julia language platform and custom developments to control the target and to analyze the EM traces.