Creation of the Team: 2013 January 01, updated into Project-Team: 2014 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Pierre Alliez [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HDR]

Florent Lafarge [Inria, Researcher, HDR]

Yuliya Tarabalka [Inria, Researcher]


Nicolas Douillet [Inria, until Oct 2016]

Come Le Breton [Inria, since Apr 2016]

Sven Oesau [Inria, until Fev 2016, funded by CSTB]

Cédric Portaneri [Inria, since Dec 2016]

Maxim Torgonskiy [Inria, until Feb 2016]

PhD Students

Jean-Philippe Bauchet [Luxcarta, since Sep 2016, funded by CIFRE]

Liuyun Duan [Geoimage, until Sep 2016, funded by CIFRE, then thesis relay from Oct 2016]

Oussama Ennafii [IGN, from Oct 2016, funded by IGN]

Hao Fang [Inria, since Feb, funded by CIFRE CSTB]

Jean-Dominique Favreau [UNS]

Manish Mandad [RWTH Aachen, thesis relay until Dec 2016]

Emmanuel Maggiori [Inria]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Mohammad Rouhani [Inria, until Apr 2016]

Visiting Scientists

Jingjing Shen [Fitzwilliam College, from May to Jun 2016]

David Bommes [RWTH Aachen, Research professor, Sep 2016]

Martin Heistermann [RWTH Aachen, PhD student, Sep 2016]

Administrative Assistant

Florence Barbara [Inria]


Mathieu Desbrun [Inria, International Chair from Aug. to Nov. 2016 - Associate Researcher from Caltech]

Chunlin Xiao [Inria, Master intern from UNS, from Mar to Sep 2016, funded by CNES]