Section: Overall Objectives

General Presentation

Our overall objective is the computerized geometric modeling of complex scenes from physical measurements. On the geometric modeling and processing pipeline, this objective corresponds to steps required for conversion from physical to effective digital representations: analysis, reconstruction and approximation. Another longer term objective is the synthesis of complex scenes. This objective is related to analysis as we assume that the main sources of data are measurements, and synthesis is assumed to be carried out from samples.

The related scientific challenges include i) being resilient to defect-laden data due to the uncertainty in the measurement processes and imperfect algorithms along the pipeline, ii) being resilient to heterogeneous data, both in type and in scale, iii) dealing with massive data, and iv) recovering or preserving the structure of complex scenes. We define the quality of a computerized representation by its i) geometric accuracy, or faithfulness to the physical scene, ii) complexity, iii) structure accuracy and control, and iv) amenability to effective processing and high level scene understanding.