Section: New Software and Platforms

Cinematic Viewpoint Generator

Keyword: 3D animation

Functional Description: The software, developed as an API, provides a mean to automatically compute a collection of viewpoints over one or two specified geometric entities, in a given 3D scene, at a given time. These viewpoints satisfy classical cinematographic framing conventions and guidelines including different shot scales (from extreme long shot to extreme close-up), different shot angles (internal, external, parallel, apex), and different screen compositions (thirds,fifths, symmetric of di-symmetric). The viewpoints allow to cover the range of possible framings for the specified entities. The computation of such viewpoints relies on a database of framings that are dynamically adapted to the 3D scene by using a manifold parametric representation and guarantee the visibility of the specified entities. The set of viewpoints is also automatically annotated with cinematographic tags such as shot scales, angles, compositions, relative placement of entities, line of interest.

  • Participants: Christophe Lino, Emmanuel Badier and Marc Christie

  • Partners: Université d'Udine - Université de Nantes

  • Contact: Marc Christie