Section: New Software and Platforms

Directors Lens Motion Builder

Keywords: Previzualisation - Virtual camera - 3D animation

Functional Description: Directors Lens Motion Builder is a software plugin for Autodesk's Motion Builder animation tool. This plugin features a novel workflow to rapidly prototype cinematographic sequences in a 3D scene, and is dedicated to the 3D animation and movie previsualization industries. The workflow integrates the automated computation of viewpoints (using the Cinematic Viewpoint Generator) to interactively explore different framings of the scene, proposes means to interactively control framings in the image space, and proposes a technique to automatically retarget a camera trajectory from one scene to another while enforcing visual properties. The tool also proposes to edit the cinematographic sequence and export the animation. The software can be linked to different virtual camera systems available on the market.

  • Participants: Christophe Lino, Emmanuel Badier and Marc Christie

  • Partner: Université de Rennes 1

  • Contact: Marc Christie