Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

  • under the supervision of O. Pietquin and J. Mary, F. Strub and collaborators (among which University of Montreal) have introduced the Guesswhat?! game to study visually grounded dialogues interleaving vision and natural language. A dataset of 150k human-human dialogues has been collected and is freely available on the Internet. Supervised learning baselines and state-of-the-art reinforcement learning algoritms have been implemented and are available as open-source code. This work resulted in publications in prestigious conferences: as a spotlight at CVPR 2017, an oral at IJCAI 2017, and an other spotlight at NIPS 2017 [51], [29], [30]. Spotlight presentations concern less than 3.5% of submisisons to NIPS, and 5% of submissions to CVPR.

    See https://www.guesswhat.ai

  • under the supervision of M. Valko and A. Lazaric, D. Calandriello and collaborators have provided the first breaking quadratic barrier for nonparametric learning. An open source implementation is available on the Internet. The work has been published in prestigious conferences: AI & STATS, ICML and NIPS [26], [28], [27].