Section: Research Program

Inter-Axes Collaboration

Figure 4. Inter-Axis Collaboration in Socrate: we expect innovative results to come from this pluri-disciplinary research

Innovative results come from collaborations between the three axes. To highlight the fact that this team structure does not limit the ability of inter-axes collaborations between Socrate members, we list below the on-going research actions that already involve actors from two or more axes, this is also represented on Fig 4.

  • Optimizing network capacity of very large scale networks. 2 Phds started in October/November 2011 with Guillaume Villemaud (axis 1) and Claire Goursaud (axis 2), respectively.

  • SDR for sensor networks. A PhD started in 2012 in collaboration with FT R&D, involving people from axis 3 (Guillaume Salagnac, Tanguy Risset) and axis 1 (Guillaume Villemaud).

  • CorteXlab. The 3 axes also collaborate on the design and the development of CorteXlab.

  • body area networks applications. Axis 2 and axis 3 collaborate on the development of body area networks applications in the framework of the FUI Smacs project. Jean-Marie Gorce and Tanguy Risset co-advised Matthieu Lauzier.

  • Wiplan and NS3. The MobiSim adt involves Guillaume Villemaud (axis 1) and Jean-Marie Gorce (axis 2).

  • Resource allocation and architecture of low power multi-band front-end. The EconHome project involves people from axis 2 (Jean-Marie Gorce,Nikolai Lebedev) and axis 1 (Florin Hutu). 1 Phd started in 2011.

  • Virtual machine for SDR. In collaboration with cea , a PhD started in October 2011, involving people from axis 3 (Tanguy Risset, Kevin Marquet) and Leti's engineers closer to axis 2.

  • Relay strategy for cognitive radio. Guillaume Villemaud and Tanguy Risset were together advisers of Cedric Levy-Bencheton PhD Thesis (defense last June).

Finally, we insist on the fact that the FIT project will involve each member of Socrate and will provide many more opportunities to perform cross layer sdr experimentations. FIT is already federating all members of the Socrate team.