Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral contract with AIO, ergonomic issues

AIO was working on a project called Kombos (now called NUMII). The objective of the project is to design an automatic system that analyses operator moves in real time and determines ergonomic scores, which are then sent to a server and stored in a database. One of the main problems was to find a strategy to decompose a sequence of moves in elementary moves that could be automatically assessed according to standard ergonomic scores. After discussion, AIO decided to contract with us (under the direction of Jean-Marc Salotti) a study on ergonomic issues. They provided a short video of an operator manipulating tubes and they requested an ergonomic analysis in order to determine the best decomposition of the operator's activity into elementary movements. We subcontracted ergonomic studies to ERSYA, a company that is specialized in that domain and added our expertise on human system interactions to provide technical complements.