Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Grants with Industry

Adaptive device for disease awareness and treatment adherence of asthma in children

Participants : Manuel Lopes [correspondant] , Alexandra Delmas, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer.

Financing of the CIFRE PhD grant of Alexandra Delmas by Itwell with the goal of developing a tool for self-learning for patients to improve their compliance to treatment.

Perception Techniques and Sensor Fusion for Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles

Participants : David Filliat [correspondant] , Vyshakh Palli-Thazha.

Financing of the CIFRE PhD grant of Vyshakh Palli-Thazha by Renault.

Incremental Methods of Deep Learning for detection and classification in an robotics environment

Participants : David Filliat [correspondant] , Timothée Lesort.

Financing of the CIFRE PhD grant of Timothée Lesort by Thales.

Exploration of reinforcement learning algorithms for drone visual perception and control

Participants : David Filliat [correspondant] , Florence Carton.

Financing of the CIFRE PhD grant of Florence Carton by CEA.

Incremental learning for sensori-motor control

Participants : David Filliat [correspondant] , Hugo Caselles Dupré.

Financing of the CIFRE PhD grant of Hugo Caselles-Dupré by Softbank Robotics.

Curiosity-driven Learning Algorithms for Exploration of Video Game Environments

Participant : Pierre-Yves Oudeyer [correspondant] .

Financing of a postdoc grant for a 2 year project with Ubisoft and Région Aquitaine.

Intrinsically Motivated Exploration for Lifelong Deep Reinforcement Learning in the Malmo Environment

Participants : Pierre-Yves Oudeyer [correspondant] , Remy Portelas.

Financing of the PhD grant of Rémy Portelas by Microsoft Research.