Section: Dissemination


Articles and contents

  • J-P. Merlet has given two interviews at Nice-Matin and is a member of the scientific committee for the preparation of a permanent robotics exhibition at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris


  • Y.Papegay is actively participating to the Math.en.Jeans initiative for Mathematics teaching for undergraduate students. He is developing several pedagogical resources based on small robotics devices at high-school level. He has organized and animated summer schools in experimental mathematics and computer sciences. Several one week sessions have been held in Oxford in June, July, August and November gathering more than 70 high-school students - most of them were awardees in Mathematics Olympiads.

  • O. Pourtallier is corresponding researcher for two MATh.en.JEANS workshops, an initiative for Mathematics teaching for undergraduate students.


  • J-P. Merlet and Y. Papegay have meet several schoolchildren (3ème)

  • J-P. Merlet has given a talk during the Art'DI (a meeting between handicapped people and artists) day at Cannes

  • J-P. Merlet and E. Wajnberg have given two talks in the framework of “Science pour tous”

Internal action

  • J-P. Merlet has given a talk at Café Techno and at Café ADSTIC (for local PhD students), has invited Nathalie Rochet, a member of south-east CPP to give a talk at a Café-In

Creation of media or tools for science outreach

  • the Hephaistos team proposes simple cable-driven parallel robots that are used to illustrate scientific concepts such as showing what is a sinus, instantiating the geometrical definition of an ellipse