Major publications by the team in recent years
  • 1A. Cully, J. Clune, D. Tarapore, J.-B. Mouret.

    Robots that can adapt like animals, in: Nature, May 2015, vol. 521, no 7553, pp. 503-507. [ DOI : 10.1038/nature14422 ]

  • 2J. S. Dibangoye, C. Amato, O. Buffet, F. Charpillet.

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  • 3S. Ivaldi, S. Lefort, J. Peters, M. Chetouani, J. Provasi, E. Zibetti.

    Towards engagement models that consider individual factors in HRI: on the relation of extroversion and negative attitude towards robot to gaze and speech during a human-robot assembly task, in: International Journal of Social Robotics, June 2016.

Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

International Conferences with Proceedings

  • 11M. Charbonneau, V. Modugno, F. Nori, G. Oriolo, D. Pucci, S. Ivaldi.

    Learning robust task priorities of QP-based whole-body torque-controllers, in: HUMANOIDS 2018 - IEEE-RAS 18th International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Beijing, China, November 2018.

  • 12K. Chatzilygeroudis, J.-B. Mouret.

    Using Parameterized Black-Box Priors to Scale Up Model-Based Policy Search for Robotics, in: ICRA 2018 - International Conference on Robotics and Automation, brisbane, Australia, May 2018, https://arxiv.org/abs/1709.06917 .

  • 13O. Dermy, M. Chaveroche, F. Colas, F. Charpillet, S. Ivaldi.

    Prediction of Human Whole-Body Movements with AE-ProMPs, in: IEEE-RAS 18th International Conference on Humanoid Robots (HUMANOIDS 2018), Beijing, China, November 2018.

  • 14J. S. Dibangoye, M. Fehr, O. Buffet, V. Thomas, J. Dibangoye.

    ρ-POMDPs have Lipschitz-Continuous ϵ-Optimal Value Functions, in: NIPS 2018 - Thirty-second Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, Montréal, Canada, December 2018.

  • 15Y. El Khadiri, G. Corona, C. Rose, F. Charpillet.

    Sleep Activity Recognition using Binary Motion Sensors, in: ICTAI 2018 - 30th International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, Volos, Greece, IEEE, November 2018.

  • 16I. Fernández Pérez, A. Boumaza, F. Charpillet.

    Maintaining Diversity in Robot Swarms with Distributed Embodied Evolution, in: ANTS 2018 - International Conference on Swarm Intelligence, Rome, Italy, October 2018.

  • 18R. Kaushik, K. Chatzilygeroudis, J.-B. Mouret.

    Multi-objective Model-based Policy Search for Data-efficient Learning with Sparse Rewards, in: CoRL 2018 - Conference on Robot Learning, Zurich, Switzerland, October 2018, https://arxiv.org/abs/1806.09351.

  • 19A. Malaisé, P. Maurice, F. Colas, F. Charpillet, S. Ivaldi.

    Activity Recognition With Multiple Wearable Sensors for Industrial Applications, in: ACHI 2018 - Eleventh International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions, Rome, Italy, March 2018.

  • 20P. Maurice, L. Allienne, A. Malaisé, S. Ivaldi.

    Ethical and Social Considerations for the Introduction of Human-Centered Technologies at Work, in: IEEE Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts (ARSO), Genova, Italy, 2018.

  • 21K. Otani, K. Bouyarmane, S. Ivaldi.

    Generating Assistive Humanoid Motions for Co-Manipulation Tasks with a Multi-Robot Quadratic Program Controller, in: ICRA 2018 - International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Brisbane, Australia, May 2018.

  • 22S. Paul, K. Chatzilygeroudis, K. Ciosek, J.-B. Mouret, M. A. Osborne, S. Whiteson.

    Alternating Optimisation and Quadrature for Robust Control, in: AAAI 2018 - The Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, New Orleans, United States, February 2018, https://arxiv.org/abs/1605.07496.

  • 23R. Pautrat, K. Chatzilygeroudis, J.-B. Mouret.

    Bayesian Optimization with Automatic Prior Selection for Data-Efficient Direct Policy Search, in: ICRA 2018 - International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Brisbane, Australia, May 2018, https://arxiv.org/abs/1709.06919 .

  • 24L. Penco, B. Clément, V. Modugno, E. M. Hoffman, G. Nava, D. Pucci, N. Tsagarakis, J.-B. Mouret, S. Ivaldi.

    Robust Real-time Whole-Body Motion Retargeting from Human to Humanoid, in: HUMANOIDS 2018 - IEEE-RAS 18th International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Beijing, China, November 2018.

  • 25V. Vassiliades, J.-B. Mouret.

    Discovering the Elite Hypervolume by Leveraging Interspecies Correlation, in: GECCO 2018 - Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Kyoto, Japan, July 2018, https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.03906. [ DOI : 10.1145/3205455.3205602 ]


National Conferences with Proceedings

  • 26O. Buffet, J. S. Dibangoye, A. Saffidine, V. Thomas.

    Recherche heuristique pour jeux stochastiques (à somme nulle), in: JFPDA 2018 - Journées Francophones sur la Planification, la Décision et l'Apprentissage pour la conduite de systèmes, Nancy, France, July 2018, pp. 1-8.


Conferences without Proceedings

  • 27E. M. Hoffman, B. Clément, C. Zhou, N. G. Tsagarakis, J.-B. Mouret, S. Ivaldi.

    Whole-Body Compliant Control of iCub: first results with OpenSoT, in: IEEE/RAS ICRA Workshop on Dynamic Legged Locomotion in Realistic Terrains, Brisbane, Australia, May 2018.

  • 28A. Malaisé, P. Maurice, F. Colas, S. Ivaldi.

    Online Human Activity Recognition for Ergonomics Assessment, in: SIAS 2018 - 9ème conférence internationale sur la sécurité des systèmes industriels automatisés, Nancy, France, October 2018.


Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

Internal Reports

  • 30J. S. Dibangoye, O. Buffet.

    Learning to Act in Decentralized Partially Observable MDPs, Inria Grenoble - Rhone-Alpes - CHROMA Team ; Inria Nancy, équipe LARSEN, June 2018, no RR-9179.


Other Publications

  • 31J. Lehman, J. Clune, D. Misevic, C. Adami, J. Beaulieu, P. J. Bentley, S. Bernard, G. Beslon, D. M. Bryson, N. Cheney, A. Cully, S. Donciuex, F. C. Dyer, K. O. Ellefsen, R. Feldt, S. Fischer, S. Forrest, A. Frenoy, C. Gagneé, L. L. Goff, L. M. Grabowski, B. Hodjat, L. Keller, C. Knibbe, P. Krcah, R. E. Lenski, H. Lipson, R. MacCurdy, C. Maestre, R. Miikkulainen, S. Mitri, D. E. Moriarty, J.-B. Mouret, A. D. Nguyen, C. Ofria, M. Parizeau, D. Parsons, R. T. Pennock, W. F. Punch, T. S. Ray, M. Schoenauer, E. Shulte, K. Sims, K. O. Stanley, F. Taddei, D. Tarapore, S. Thibault, W. Weimer, R. Watson, J. Yosinksi.

    The Surprising Creativity of Digital Evolution: A Collection of Anecdotes from the Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Research Communities, March 2018, https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.03453 - working paper or preprint.

References in notes
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