Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Cifre iFollow

Participants : Francis Colas, Jérôme Truc, Cédric Pradalier, Susana Sanchez Restrepo.

Cédric Pradalier is co-supervisor at GeorgiaTech Lorraine and Susana Sanchez Restrepo is at iFollow.

iFollow is a startup, located in Paris area, providing solutions for shopping carts. Their first market of interest is logistics, wherein they develop robots for alleviating the workload of order pickers. Their second, longer-term, target is retail, with the development of intelligent shopping carts to help persons with disabilities.

The aim of this Cifre program is to endow the robots with more intelligent behaviors. In warehouses, the aim will be to improve the autonomy of the robots to better assist the pickers, leveraging the knowledge of the current order being prepared. In supermarket, the shopping carts should learn to properly interact with other carts and people while positioning themselves to better serve its current user.

The PhD thesis of Jérôme Truc has started in September with bibliography work on human detection and pose estimation, as well as socially acceptable motion planning.