Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Inria International Labs

International Laboratory for Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Associate Team involved in the International Lab:

  • Title: (Harder Better) FAster STronger cryptography

  • International Partner

    • Université des Sciences et Techniques de Masuku (Gabon) - Tony Ezome and the PRMAIS project

  • Start year: 2017

  • See also: https://www.inria.fr/en/associate-team/fast

  • The project aims to develop better algorithms for elliptic curve cryptography with prospect of the two challenges ahead: - securing the internet of things - preparing towards quantum computers.

    Elliptic curves are currently the fastest public-key cryptosystem (with a key size that can fit on embeded devices) while still through a different mode of operation beeing (possibly) able to resist quantum based computers.

    Activities for this year involved:

    • Tony Ezome organised a Cimpa school on Courbes algébriques pour une arithmétique efficace des corps finis from 17/11/2018 - 30/11/2018 in Ziguinchor (Sénégal), Institution Université Assane Seck de Ziguinchor.

    • Abdoul Asiz Ciss and Damien Robert represented the team at the Journées du Lirima. One of the suggestion was to find industrial collaborations in Africa, especially in Senegal. Ongoing work is done by the team to find such a collaboration, especially on the new challenges of post-quantum cryptography.

    • Abdoulaye Maiga visited in Bordeaux to work with Damien Robert from 22/10/2018 to 18/01/2019. Tony Ezome and Mohamadou Sall visited from 08/12/2018 to 22/12/2018.

  • Activities for this year involved the funding of Luca De Feo to speak at the EMA “Mathématiques pour la Cryptographie Post-quantique et Mathématiques pour le Traitement du Signal”, organised by Djiby Sow and Abdoul Asiz Ciss organised an EMA at the École Polytechnique de Thiès (Sénégal) from May 10 to May 23, about “Cryptographie à base d'isogénies”; the visit of Abdoulaye Maiga to the LFANT team where he worked with Damien Robert to find absolute invariants of good reduction modulo 2 for abelian surfaces; and the organisation by Damien Robert of a workshop in Bordeaux with most of the team members from September 04 to September 08. The slides or proceedings are available at https://lfant.math.u-bordeaux.fr/index.php?category=seminar&page=2017.

Inria International Partners

Informal International Partners

The team is used to collaborate with Leiden University through the ALGANT program for PhD joint supervision.

Eduardo Friedman (U. of Chile), long term collaborator of K. Belabas and H. Cohen is a regular visitor in Bordeaux (about 1 month every year).