Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

  • Nicolas Mascot (American University of Beirut, Lebanon) visited the team for a week (8-12/01/2018).

  • Alex Bartel (University of Glasgow, UK) visited the team for two weeks (27/03/2018 to 07/04/2018).

  • Takashi Fukuda (Nihon University, Japan) visited the team for two months (20/01/2018 to 25/03/2018)

  • Tony Ezome (Université des Sciences et Techniques de Masuku) and Mohamadou Sall (Dakar) visited the team for two weeks in December. Abdoul Aziz (Dakar) visited the team for one week in September.

  • Abdoulaye Maiga visited the team for three months, from October to January 2019.

Researchers visiting the team to give a talk to the team seminar include Elie Eid (Université de Rennes), Jean-François Biasse (University of South Florida), Francesco Battistoni (University of Milan), Alex Bartel (Glasgow University), Tristan Vaccon (Université de Limoges), and Takashi Fukuda (Nihon University).

Visits to International Teams

A. Page visited Alex Bartel (University of Glasgow, UK) for two weeks (16-27/07/2018) and Michael Lipnowski (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) for two weeks (10-23/11/2018).

A. Page and Alex Bartel did a research stay in Oberwolfach (Allemagne) with the Research In Pairs programme for three weeks (14/10/2018-3/11/2018).