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  • The Inria's Research Teams produce an annual Activity Report presenting their activities and their results of the year. These reports include the team members, the scientific program, the software developed by the team and the new results of the year. The report also describes the grants, contracts and the activities of dissemination and teaching. Finally, the report gives the list of publications of the year.

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Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

Mauro Jaskelioff (National University of Rosario and CONICET, Argentina) visited the team for a week in May 2018.

Vadim Zaliva (PhD student at CMU) visited the team for one month in July 2018 and collaborated with Matthieu Sozeau on the use of Template-Coq to verify translations from shallow to deep embeddings.


Yann Régis-Gianas supervised the internship of Loïc Peyrot (Master 1, Paris Diderot) about the development of a tool to define exercises for the learn-ocaml platform in a single ML file.

Yann Régis-Gianas supervised the internship of Carine Morel (Master 1, Paris Diderot) about the development of a user-friendly teaching-oriented documentation for the learn-ocaml platform.

Yann Régis-Gianas supervised the internship of Olivier Martinot (Licence 3, Paris Diderot) about the implementation of a set of efficient incrementalised combinators for list processing in cache-transfer style.

Alexis Saurin co-supervised the internship of Ikram Cherigi (Master 2 LMFI, Paris Diderot) about classical realisability and forcing in set theory.

Alexis Saurin supervised the internship of Xavier Onfroy (Master 2 LMFI, Paris Diderot) on formalisation of circular proofs in fixed-point logics and the decidability of validity.

Alexis Saurin supervised the internship of Kostia Chardonnet (Master 1 MPRI, Paris Diderot) about call-by-need calculus, degrees of lazyness and probabilistic lambda calculus.

Research Stays Abroad

Pierre-Louis Curien visited East China Normal University for a month from mid-October to mid-November 2018 (collaborations with Yuxin Deng and Min Zhang) as invited professor.

Pierre-Louis Curien visited the Institute of Mathematics of the Serbian Academy of Sciences in Belgrade in September 2018 for a week (collaboration with Zoran Petrić and other coauthors).

Hugo Herbelin participated to the Types, Sets and Constructions Trimester Program at the Hausdorff Research Institute of Mathematics in Bonn, May-August 2018.