Section: New Software and Platforms


Alcyone instantiates bioinformatics environments from specifications committed to a Git repository

Keywords: Docker - Orchestration - Bioinformatics - Microservices - Versioning

Scientific Description: Alcyone conceives the user's computing environment as a microservices architecture, where each bioinformatics tool in the specification is a separate containerized Docker service. Alcyone builds a master container for the specified environment that is responsible for building, updating, deploying and stopping these containers, as well as recording and sharing the environment in a Git repository. The master container can be manipulated using a command-line interface.

Functional Description: Alcyone defines a file structure for the specifying bioinformatics analysis environments, including tool choice, interoperability, and sources of raw data. These specifications are recorded in a Git repository. Alcyone compiles a specification into a master Docker container that deploys and orchestrates containers for each of the component tools. Alcyone can restore any version of an environment recorded in the Git repository.

News Of The Year: Alcyone was designed and implemented this year.