Section: New Software and Platforms


Polychrony on Polarsys

Keywords: Synchronous model - Model-driven engineering

Functional Description: The Eclipse project POP is a model-driven engineering front-end to our open-source toolset Polychrony. a major achievement of the ESPRESSO (and now TEA) project-team. The Eclipse project POP is a model-driven engineering front-end to our open-source toolset Polychrony. It was finalised in the frame of project OPEES, as a case study: by passing the POLARSYS qualification kit as a computer aided simulation and verification tool. This qualification was implemented by CS Toulouse in conformance with relevant generic (platform independent) qualification documents. Polychrony is now distributed by the Eclipse project POP on the platform of the POLARSYS industrial working group. Team TEA aims at continuing its dissemination to academic partners, as to its principles and features, and industrial partners, as to the services it can offer.

Project POP is composed of the Polychrony tool set, under GPL license, and its Eclipse framework, under EPL license. SSME (Syntactic Signal-Meta under Eclipse), is the meta-model of the Signal language implemented with Eclipse/Ecore. It describes all syntactic elements specified in Signal Reference Manual (SIGNAL V4-Inria version: Reference Manual. Besnard, L., Gautier, T. and Le Guernic, P.http://www.irisa.fr/espresso/Polychrony, 2010): all Signal operators (e.g. arithmetic, clock synchronization), model (e.g. process frame, module), and construction (e.g. iteration, type declaration). The meta-model primarily aims at making the language and services of the Polychrony environment available to inter-operation and composition with other components (e.g. AADL, Simulink, GeneAuto, P) within an Eclipse-based development tool-chain. Polychrony now comprises the capability to directly import and export Ecore models instead of textual Signal programs, in order to facilitate interaction between components within such a tool-chain. The download site for project POP has opened in 2015 at https://www.polarsys.org/projects/polarsys.pop. It should be noted that the Eclipse Foundation does not host code under GPL license. So, the Signal toolbox useful to compile Signal code from Eclipse is hosted on our web server.