Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

Deian Stefan, Shravan Narayan (CSD) visited TEA in September for a week. Jonathan Protzenko (MSR Redmond) joined the meeting for a couple of days and gave a seminar at http://68nqrt.irisa.fr. Rajesh Gupta visited TEA for a month in August-September.

Lingtai Wang, ISCAS, visited TEA for a week in November.

Visits to International Teams

Jean-Joseph Marty visited UC San Diego in June for two weeks.

Jean-Pierre Talpin visited ISCAS, BUAA and Nankai in April, June and October, for a total period of two months, thanks to funding provided by the Chinese partners in the context of associate-project Convex.

Simon Lunel visited ISCAS for a week in December.