Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research is funding through the Inria-Microsoft joint lab the projects "4D Cardiac MR Images" (http://www.msr-inria.fr/projects/4d-cardiac-mr-images) and "Medilearn" (http://www.msr-inria.fr/projects/medilearn) which aim at analyzing large databases of cardiac images to help the diagnosis of cardiac diseases and planning of therapy. This project involves A. Crimisi from MSR and partially funds the PhDs of Pawel Mlynarski.

Spin-off company inHEART

inHEART(https://www.inheart.fr/) is a spin-off of the Epione team and IHU Liryc founded in 2017. inHEART provides a service to generate detailed anatomical and structural meshes from medical images, that can be used during ablation interventions. inHEART received 2 awards, one from Aquitaine region and one i-LAB from the BPI. It currently employs 10 people.

Live Anatomy

A 3 month InriaTech contract was performed with the Live Anatomy start-up between January and March 2019 in order to develop a remote viewer and to optimise image segmentation.

Siemens HealthCare

Siemens Healthcare, Medical Imaging Technologies, Princeton, NJ (U.S.A). is funding the PhD work of Julian Krebs which aims at developing robust medical image registration methods


The company Quantificare is funding the PhD of Florent Jousse through a CIFRE grant, on the statistical analysis of shapes, deformations and appearance of anatomical surfaces for computer-aided dermatology and plastic surgery. The primary purpose is to model complex face deformations such as natural aging, facial expressions, surgical interventions and posture motions.

Oticon Medical

Oticon Medical, Vallauris, France, is co-funding the PhD work of Zihao Wang which aims at developing robust medical image algorithms for cochlea image segmentation.