Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Four LEMON permanent members (out of five) are university staff and have teaching duties. Most of their lectures are given at master level at Polytech Montpellier in the departments Informatics and Management (IG), Water Sciences and Technologies (STE) and Water and Civil Engineering (EGC) as well in other courses of University of Montpellier. The teaching load is summarized in Table 1.

Gwladys Toulemonde  is responsible for student recruitment at the IG department (Polytech Montpellier).

Table 1. Teaching
Antoine Rousseau Teaching M1 level: 0 to 30 hrs/year
Student supervision: 50 hrs/year
Carole Delenne Teaching L1-M2 level: 200-250 hrs/year
hydraulics, applied mathematics, informatics
Student tutorship and supervision: 50-100 hrs/year
Gwladys Toulemonde 50% CNRS delegation in 2019
Teaching L3/M1/M2 level: 128 hrs in 2019
mathematics, probability, statistics, data mining
Pascal Finaud-Guyot Teaching L3/M1/M2 level: 200-250 hrs/year
hydraulics, applied mathematics, informatics
Student tutorship and supervision: 50-100 hrs/year
Vincent Guinot Teaching L3/M1/M2 level: 290 hrs/year
Student tutorship and supervision: 50-100 hrs/year


  • PostDoc: Gwladys Toulemonde  advises a post-doctoral fellow (F. Palacios-Rodriguez) from october 2017 to september 2019 on spatio-temporal extreme processes to assess flood hazards [11], [12] (NUMEV funding until Oct 2018)

  • PhD : Gwladys Toulemonde  has co-supervised a PhD thesis defended in september 2019 in an established collaboration with Sanofi and is also involved in two other industrial collaborations (BALEA, Twin Solutions)

  • PhD in progress :

    • Vita Ayoub, "Assimilation of satellite derived flood information for better parameterizing and controlling large scale hydraulic models over data scarse areas", november 2018, Carole Delenneand R. Hostache (LIST, Luxembourg).

    • Yassine Bel-Ghaddar, "Data fusion for urban network mapping. Application to sanitation networks", may 2019, Carole Delenneand A. Begdouri (LSIA, Fès, Morocco).

    • Joseph Luis Kahn Casapia, "Coupling hydro-ecological reduced models for the simulation of fresh water ecosystems", September 2018, Antoine Rousseau and C. Casenave (INRA, Montpellier).

    • Joao Guilherme Caldas Steinstraesser, "Coupling large and small scale shallow water models with porosity in the presence of anisotropy", October 2019, Antoine Rousseau and Vincent Guinot.

    • Cécile Choley, "Experimental an numerical study of the street-building exchange during urban floods", November 2019, Pascal Finaud-Guyot.


  • Gwladys Toulemonde has participated to the PhD thesis jury of Abdul-Fattah Abu-Awwad defended in June 2019 at the University of Lyon.

  • Carole Delenne was invited member of the PhD thesis jury of Gabrielle Rudi Chovelon, defended in May 2019 at SupAgro Montpellier.