Section: New Results

FEM-based confidence assessment of non-rigid registration

Participants : Paul Baksic, Hadrien Courtecuisse, Matthieu Chabanas, Bernard Bayle.

Non-rigid registration is often used for 3D representations during surgical procedures. It needs to provide good precision in order to guide the surgeon properly. We proposed in [25] a method that allows the computation of a local upper bound of the registration confidence over the whole organ volume. Using a bio-mechanical model, we apply tearing forces over the whole organ to compute the upper bound of the degrees of freedom left by the registrations constraints. Confrontation of our method with experimental data shows promising results to estimate the registration confidence. Indeed, the computed maximum error appears to be a real upper bound(see figure 4). A more advanced method was submitted at IPCAI 2020.

Figure 4. This is an example of confidence map given by our method on a registration of a lamb liver. The red dots are the registration constraint given by sensors. High confidence area are presented in blue. The area where the confidence is below the one needed for the surgery appears transparent.