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OPIS - 2019

Overall Objectives
New Software and Platforms
New Results
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Section: New Results

Quantitative PET in the context of lymphoma

Participant: Hugues Talbot (Collaboration: Eloïse Grossiord, Laurent Najman, ESIEE Paris, Benoît Naegel, iCube, Strasbourg, Nicolas Passat, CRESTIC, Reims)

Lymphoma is type of cancer affecting the lymph system. Similar to blood disorders, these cancers can be difficult to cure because they affect a large portion of the body and metastasize easily. In contrast to leukemia, lymphoma also affects organs: the lymph nodes. Assessing the effectiveness of therapies implies to follow the impact of treatment on lymph nodes. This requires segmenting a large number of lesion, often several dozens. In [17], we have proposed an automated procedure based on hierarchical mathematical morphology, which has been extensively validated, and is now available as a plug-in for ImageJ/FIJI.