Section: Dissemination



David Sherman contributed to the Journée APEIA (Activités Pour l'Enseignement de l'IA)

David Sherman help train teachers in programming mobile robots, in preparation for R2T2 events (http://r2t2.org) coordinated by the Mobsya association and EPFL (Switzerland).


Figure 6. Qui se ressemble s'assemble during the Circuit Scientifique in 2019: (left) classification oracle (right) comparing similar shapes (Photo copyright Gautier DUFAU)

In collaboration with a local PME, David Sherman helped design an interactive exhibit on tree classification for a museum in the Region Nouvelle Aquitaine, based on a specialization of Qui se ressemble s'assemble.

David Sherman presented the Qui se ressemble s'assemble activity to 100 middle school students during the Circuit Scientifique in 2019 (Figure 6), and to 40 undergraduate students from the ENS Lyon.

Creation of media or tools for science outreach

David Sherman refined his design for the electronics of the Qui se ressemble s'assemble activity, to explain the methods and uses of pattern classification of protein families. The activity uses 20 3D-printed point clouds and 4 oracles, containing a microcontroller, an RFID reader with a custom-designed inductive coil as input, and an LED ring as output. Participants propose groups of 3D shapes that they believe belong to the same class, and the oracle evaluate the group.