Section: Software

Norine – a resource for nonribsomal peptides

Actively developped in 2011.

Software self-assessment: A-5, SO-3, SM-3-up4, EM-2-up3, SDL-4, DA-4, CD-4, MS-4, TPM-4

Software web site : http://bioinfo.lifl.fr/norine/

Objective: Norine is a public computational resource that contains a database of NRPs with a web interface and dedicated tools, such as a 2D graph viewer and editor for peptides or comparison of NRPs.

Project management: Norine was created and is maintained by members of Bonsai team, in tight collaboration with members of the ProBioGEM lab, a microbial laboratory of Lille1 University.

Users community: Since its creation in 2006, Norine has gained a universal recognition as the unique database dedicated to non-ribosomal peptides because of its high quality and manually curated annotations. It is queried from all around the world by biologists or biochemists. It receives more than 3000 queries per month. Norine main users come for 13% from the United States of America, for 12% from the United Kingdom, for 5% from China or for 4% from Germany where renowned biology laboratories work on nonribosomal peptides (NRPs) or on their synthetases.

Improvements: This year, the source code has been reorganised by Laurie Tonon, a SED engineer, to use model view controller software architecture, implemented with Struts2.