Section: Application Domains

Application domains

Unlike the traditional methods, the estimators we defined are "non-asymptotic": solutions are provided by explicit formulae. They result in relatively simple and fast algorithms. In this sense, rather than being a project linked to a specific domain of application, we can say that the present project Non-A is a method-driven project. However, one must not forget that applicability remains a guideline in all our research. As it was told, estimation is a huge area, which explains the variety of possible application fields our new methods address. Figure 3 illustrates the connections between our techniques and the possible applications.

Figure 3. Non-A is a method-driven project, centered around non-asymptotic estimation techniques (i.e., providing estimates in finite-time), and connected to applications.

During these first few years, our techniques have already generated 3 patents [77] , [79] , [78] . It shows their efficiency in various industrial domains, including (see the previous reports):

  • Vehicle control (engine throttle [94] , lateral and longitudinal velocities [73] , stop-and-go [114] , tire/road contact condition [118] ) with PSA, APEDGE, Mines-ParisTech, INRIA IMARA, Universidad Carlos III (Madrid), Université Paris Sud;

  • Hydroelectric power plants [93] , [92] with EDF-CIH (patent pending FR0858532);

  • Shape memory actuators [89] with Université de Bretagne Occidentale and ANR MAFESMA;

  • Magnetic actuators with Univ. des Saarlandes;

  • Power Electronics [103] with Univ. du Québec à Trois-Rivières;

  • Aircraft identification [113] with ONERA DCSD;

  • Secured communications (chaos-based cryptography [111] , [120] , [119] , CPM demodulation [104] ) with CINVESTAV Mexico, Math.Dept. Tlemcen Univ. Algeria and PRISME ENSI-Bourges.

  • Image and video processing (denoising [83] , edge detection [95] ) with INRIA QGAR, compression [84] , compressive sensing [116] , [117] with CINVESTAV Mexico and Whuan Univ., China.

  • More recently, financial engineering [76] with MEREOR Investment Management and Advisory SAS.