Section: Software

Biomanycores.org – A community for bioinformatics on manycore processors

Actively developped.

Software self-assessment: A-3, SO-2, SM-3, EM-3down2, SDL-4up5, OC-4 (DA-4, CD-4, MS-4, TPM-4)

Software web site : http://biomanycores.org/

Manycore architectures are an emerging field of research full of promises for parallel bioinformatics. However the usage of GPUs is not so widespread in the end-user bioinformatics community. The goal of the biomanycores.org project is to gather open-source CUDA and OpenCL parallel codes and to provide easy installation, benchmarking, and interoperability. The last point includes interfaces to popular frameworks such as Biopython, BioPerl and BioJava.

The development of Biomanycores was supported by a national ADT (ADT (Action for Technological Development) is an Inria internal call) between Bonsai , Symbiose (CRI Rennes) and Dolphin (CRI Lille), from October 2010 to October 2012. This ADT led to the hiring of J.-F. Berthelot (IJD) who completely redesigned the existing code and added more applications. Biomanycores has now a comprehensive developer and user documentation, large test suites and continuous integration. In June 2012, the project has been presented during a workshop dedicated to manycore programming (see Section  9.1 ).