Section: New Results

Genomic rearrangements

  • Within the context of the PhD of A. Thomas:

    • We designed an algorithm for finding the minimal number of block interchanges required to transform a duplicated linear genome into a tandem duplicated linear genome. We provide a formula for the distance as well as a polynomial time algorithm for the sorting problem. This work was published in the conference Bioinformatics [13] .

    • We explored a new problem concerning tandem halving, that is reconstructing a non-duplicated ancestor to a partially duplicated genome in a model where duplicated content is caused by several tandem duplications. We provide a distance in O(n) time and a scenario in O(n 2 ) time. We considered several problems related to multiple tandem reconstruction and proved that the simpliest of reconstructing 2 tandems is NP-hard. This work was published in the conference WABI 2012 [14] .

  • In the context of ancestral genome reconstruction, we designed an algorithm for the identification of Minimal Conflicting Sets (MCS) rows in a biological binary matrix. We provided a O(n 2 m 2 +nm 7 ) time algorithm, largely improving the up-to-date best algorithm in O(m 6 n 5 (m+n) 2 log(m+n)) time. This work was published in the conference CPM 2012 [11] .

  • In the context of the comparison of sets of alternative gene transcripts, we designed a general framework to compare sets of transcripts that are transcribed from orthologous loci of several species. The model is based on the construction of a common reference sequence, and on annotations that allow the reconstruction of ancestral sequences, the identification of conserved events, and the inference of gains and losses of donor/acceptors sites, exons, introns and transcripts. This work was published in the conference ISBRA 2012 [12] .