Section: New Results

Nonribosomal peptides

  • With the arrival of Ammar Hasan, a postdoc researcher, we started a new project on the prediction of nonribosomal peptides activity. We defined a novel peptide fingerprint based on monomer composition. This fingerprints is used for peptide similarity searching and for activity prediction. This work was published in Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design [1] .

  • We participated in the writing of a review dedicated to kurstakin, a nonribosomal lipopeptide synthetized by several Bacillus genus and published in Applied microbiology and biotechnology [3] .

  • The collaboration with members of EPI Orpailleur (CRI Nancy) succeeded in designing a protocol to discover new nonribosomal peptide synthetases in bacterial genomes and then annotate them in order to predict the peptide they produce. It was published in JOBIM 2012 [16] .