Section: New Results

Gateway driving simulator

Participants : Florian Larrue, Pauline Davignon, Pierre-Alexandre Favier, Martin Hachet.

As part of the SIMCA FUI project, the POTIOC team focuses on the design and evaluation of a gateway driving simulator, to teach drivers how to drive an airport gateway in virtual reality, i.e., in a safe and cost-effective environment. Gateways are the means to transfer passengers between the airport and the plane, for departures and arrivals. We have developped 3 simulators with different immersion levels (small, medium and immersive simulators, see, e.g., Figure 8 ). For each immersion level, we developped protocols in order to evaluate the impact of 3D technologies such as stereoscopy and head tracking on users' performances and preferences. Experimentations and evaluations are currently in progress.

Figure 8. A user, equipped with head tracking and stereoscopic glasses, using the gateway driving simulator.