Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

FP7 ICT ELLIOT project (2010-2013)

Participants : Xavier Augros, Florian Bonacina, Mylène Leitzelman, Anne-Laure Negri, Guillaume Pilot, Bernard Senach, Caroline Tiffon, Brigitte Trousse [correspondent] .


  • Challenge: Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise environments

  • Instrument: Specific Targeted Research Project

  • Objective: Internet of Things and Enterprise environments

  • Duration: September 2010 - June 2013

  • Coordinator: TXT Polymemia (Italy)

  • Partners: University of Nottingham (UK), University of Readings (UK), BIBA (Germany), Hospital San Rafael (Italy), CENG (Italy), Fing (France), Vulog SME(France)

  • Inria contact: Brigitte Trousse

  • See also: http://www.elliot-project.eu/

  • Abstract: The ELLIOT project (Experiential Living Labs for the Internet of Things) aims at developing an IoT experiential platform where users/citizen are directly involved in co-creating, exploring and experimenting new ideas, concepts and technological artifacts related to IOT applications and services. Based on a three levels experiential model issued from previous European projects, the study will capitalize on existing practices of co-creation in IoT contexts. It will allow the exploration of the potential impact of IOT and of the Future Internet in the context of the Open User Centered Innovation paradigm followed in the Living Lab approach.

This year we conducted various tasks related to the Green Services Use case:

  • Implementation of MyGreenServices application which collects IoT data from electric cars and citizens sensors. stored usage data for sending to the ELLIOT platform (cf. Section 6.5.1

  • Specification of the methodology for user experience measurement for Green Services Use case (cf. Section 6.5.3 ).

  • Two experiments of MyGreenServices (February and June).

  • Dissemination at Innovative City Convention with Special ELLIOT Citizen Awards.

Inria hosted two ELLIOT meetings on user experience measurement (KSB model and use cases) as weel as general meetings. We contributed in the various deliverables including the two public ones [38] and [37] . See also our results in Section  6.5 .

Finally the Elliot project (2011-2013) was very rich in terms of new assets for Inria and for ICT Usage Lab (cf. 8.1.3 ).

MyGreenServices was evaluated as Good Practice by the international Design for All foundation (for the 2014 awards).

COST TwinTide (2010-2013)

Participant : Dominique Scapin [correspondent] .

  • Program: COST IC0904

  • Project acronym: TwinTide

  • Project title: Towards the Integration of Transectorial IT Design and Evaluation

  • Duration: 2010 - 2013

  • Coordinator: Effie Lai-Chong Law - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zà¼rich), Switzerland (CH) / University of Leicester, UK

  • Other partners: see http://www.irit.fr/recherches/ICS/projects/twintide

  • Abstract: Towards the Integration of Transectorial IT Design and Evaluation is a usability and user experience research community running under the auspices of COST (http://www.cost.esf.org/ ). The main objective is to harmonize research and practice on design and evaluation methodologies for computing artefacts, across sectors and disciplines, bringing together researchers and D&E professionals.

EIT KIC ICT Labs (2013) : Experience & Living Labs Research Catalyst

Participants : Brigitte Trousse [correspondent] , Caroline Tiffon, Florian Bonacina.

  • Program: EIT ICT Labs

  • Project acronym: Activity E&LL Catalyst Coordination activity from Research Catalysts, included for 2014 in Technology EXperimentation Catalyst.

  • Project title: E&LL Catalyst Coordination Activity

  • Duration: 2013

  • Coordinator: F. Pianiesi (Trento Rise, Italy)

  • Other partners: Inria, (Hungary), TUBerlin, U. Bologna, Telecom Italia, Siemens/VMZ (Germany), DFKI (Germany)

  • Abstract: The Catalyst Coordination Activity will boost the usage of the E&LLs Catalyst by means of a set of service provision programs. Tasks and Activities from the Action Lines represent the customers of the Catalyst Coordination Activity. The catalyst involves a Team of Experts and leverage assets from available "Open E&LLs", as a set of accessible facilities. "Open E&LLs" function as a one-stop-shop for user-centered research services, as well as hosts of experimentation activities by customers.

This year, we were involved in various works:

  • Support to Loria (mainly Madynes research-project team - Thomas Siverston and Abdelkader Lahmadi) related to the CityCrowdSource activity and within the context of the crowdout application (with targeted users such city administrators and citizen). Our support relied mainly on the improvement of the ergonomics aspects of the application and pre-tests with users of the first prototype. Redaction of deliverable (17 pages);

  • Dissemination of E&LL research catalyst to the Management Committee of the French EIT node and to the Smart Cities action line;

  • Support to EIT partners during EIT 2013 Call event (April, Paris), mainly those interested by the two action lines , Smart Cities and Cloud Computing, which are lead by the french EIT KIC labs node;

  • Contribution to the elaboration of a Service Provisioning template for Open Living Labs.

  • Collectinf data from EIT E&LL facilities from the French EIT node in order to make them visible on an internal EIT Web site (developed by ELL catalyst - Trento);

EIT KIC ICT Labs (2013) : CityCrowdSource Activity - Urban Life and Mobility

Participants : Brigitte Trousse [correspondent] , Guillaume Pilot.

  • Program: EIT ICTLabs

  • Project acronym: Activity 13 052 from Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems action line - Allocation 7396 (IMS), renamed Future Urban Life and Mobility (ULM) mid 2013

  • Project title: Multimodal Mobility

  • Duration: 2013, from June to December

  • Coordinator: F. Baude (OASIS Inria-UNS) and B. Kwella (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)

  • Other partners: Inria, BME (Hungary), TUBerlin, U. Bologna, Telecom Italia, Siemens/VMZ (Germany), DFKI (Germany)

  • Abstract: The activity seeks to specify the building blocks, a platform and a prototype for the provision of multimodal mobility. The main motivation is to facilitate the use of ICT to support the efficient organization of Accessible Mobility (support for people with special needs, economical optimization of mobility and transportation, trip planning, information on available transport modes, etc). It therefore provides the basis for sustainable future mobility.

AxIS was involved in the implementation of a Play-based demonstrator and implements, in collaboration with OASIS Inria research-project an interface between MyGreenServices platform and the PLAY platform for elaborating a use case based on our environmental sensors.

EIT KIC ICT Labs (2013) : Q&A - Doctoral School

Participants : Brigitte Trousse [correspondent] , Caroline Tiffon.

  • Program: EIT ICT Labs

  • Project acronym: DSL

  • Project title: Activité DSL 13108-Support Evaluation

  • Duration: 2013, from March to December

  • Coordinator: C. Queinnec (UMPC, Paris, France)

  • Other partners: Inria, University of Turku, etc.

  • Abstract: EIT Doctortal School

Inria (ICT Usage lab) for its expertise in usage analysis was requested by the DSL leader to support the University of Turku to managae the Q/A tasks for the doctoral school. We made some recommendation for improving questionnaires and anticipating future analysis in terms of data coding. We analysed (with Sphinx IQ) students questionnaires from EIT Doctoral school, and reported results in an internal EIT KIC Labs document. A preliminary study on how to measure the main I&E outcomes of I&E courses based on Bloom'experential learning [56] has been started.