Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

  • Editoring : ACM Journal of Computer and Cultural Heritage - Special issue on "Interacting with the Past" (M. Hachet)

  • Conference organization (all Potioc team) and general chairing (M. Hachet): IHM 2013

  • Workshop organization: "affective Brain-Computer Interface (aBCI) workshop" at ACII, 2013 (C. Mühl)

  • Workshop organization: "Brain-Computer Interface workshop in Bordeaux", co-organized with the g.tec R&D company, March 2013 (F. Lotte)

  • Workshop organization: "Teachning the BCI skill: feedback and human training approaches", International BCI meeting 2013, Asilomar, CA, USA, co-organized with R. Scherer (TU Graz) and A. Lécuyer (Inria Rennes), June 2013 (F. Lotte)

  • Steering committee : IEEE 3DUI (M. Hachet)

  • Program committees : IEE VR 2013 (M. Hachet), ISIS3D (M. Hachet), Web3D 2013 (J. Jankowski), aBCI workshop @ ACII 2013 (C. Mühl, F. Lotte), ACII 2013 (F. Lotte), PRNI 2013 (F. Lotte), IEEE SSCI-CCMB 2013 (F. Lotte)

  • Reviewing for conferences: ACM CHI 2013 (M. Hachet, F. Lotte), ACM CHI 2014 (M. Hachet, F. Lotte, J. Jankowski, C. Mühl, J. Laviole), ACM UIST 2013 (M. Hachet, J. Laviole), INTERACT 2013 (J. Jankowski, F. Lotte), Web3D 2013 (J. Jankowski), SUI 2013 (J. Jankowski), MobileHCI 2013 (J. Jankowski), CSCW 2014 (J. Jankowski), 3DUI 2014 (J. Jankowski, J. Laviole), ISMAR 2013 (J. Laviole), ITS 2013 (R. Gervais), PG 2013 (R. Gervais), ACII 2013 (F. Lotte), aBCI Workshop @ ACII 2013 (J. Frey, C. Mühl, F. Lotte), IHM 2013 (F. Lotte), PRNI 2013 (F. Lotte), IEEE SSCI-CCMB 2013 (F. Lotte)

  • Reviewing for journals: ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (J. Jankowski, R. Gervais, J. Frey), GeoInformatica (J. Jankowski), Technique et Science Informatique (TSI) (R. Gervais), IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing (C. Mühl), Brain-Computer Interfaces (F. Lotte), Frontiers in Neuroprosthetics (F. Lotte), IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (F. Lotte), IEEE Transactions on Human Machine Systems (F. Lotte), International Journal of Neural Systems (F. Lotte), Journal of Neural Engineering (F. Lotte), NeuroImage (F. Lotte), Presence (F. Lotte), IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering (F. Lotte)

  • Reviewing for book chapters: Handbook of Affective Computing @Oxford (C. Mühl)

  • ANR : Revue de programme CONTINT 2013 (M. Hachet)