Section: New Software and Platforms


Figure 7. SmartTokens are small-sized tokens supporting touch and motion sensing, and wireless communication with a coordinator.

Scientific Description

SmartTokens are small-sized tangible tokens that can sense multiple types of motion, multiple types of touch/grip, and send input events wirelessly as state-machine transitions. By providing an open platform for embedding basic sensing capabilities within small form-factors, SmartTokens extend the design space of tangible user interfaces. We describe the design and implementation of SmartTokens and illustrate how they can be used in practice by introducing a novel TUI design for event notification and personal task management.

Functional Description

SmartTokens are simple and cost-effective, but smart enough to be used as handles for digital information. SmartTokens allow to make generic, scalable and affordable user interfaces. They embed custom electronics, including touch and motion sensors as well as wireless communication functionalities.