Section: New Results

Design Considerations for Enhancing Word-Scale Visualizations with Interaction

Participants : Pascal Goffin, Wesley Willett, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Petra Isenberg.

Figure 8. Illustration of where interaction can take place in the context of word-scale visualizations.

This paper presents a design space for interaction with word-scale visualizations. Most sparklines and word-scale visualizations are static and do not support any interaction. However, when word-scale visualizations are used in digital environments, interaction can enhance their use by allowing various data manipulation and management operations. Our design space covers where (Figure 8 ), when, and how interaction can be triggered for word-scale visualizations embedded in a text document. It also includes how and when to transition from a view where the text with word-scale visualizations is the focus (document-centric view) to a view in which the visualizations becomes the reading focus (visualization-centric view).