Section: New Results

SketchSliders: Sketching Widgets for Visual Exploration on Wall Displays

Figure 6. (top) The user sketching their sliders on the fly (left), to interact with their data on the wall display (right). Menus and simple gestures (middle) are enough to create complex sliders (bottom) that can help explore data at different granularities.

Given our interest in how to effectively interact with wall displays, we have started investigating ways to empower end users, by allowing them to easily create themselves their interfaces. We introduced a sketching interface that runs on mobile devices, and allows users to explore multi-dimensional datasets on wall displays by sketching on the fly the interactive controllers they require. We demonstrated this concept with SketchSliders, range sliders that users can freely sketch on the mobile surface to customize their exploration. A small combination of sketches and gestures allows the creation of complex interactive sliders, such as circular sliders for periodic data, slider branches for detailed interaction, and fisheye transformation sliders. We augmented sliders with a suite of tools, such as markers, slider cursors, and approximate views of data distributions. These designs were inspired by a design study with three visualization experts, and validated through a user study with six experts using our system.

This work was published at ACM CHI 2015 [9] , and received an honorable mention (top 5% of all submissions).