Section: New Results

Ultra-high-resolution Wall-sized Displays

We have worked on the following other projects, also related to the interactive visualization of large datasets on ultra-high-resolution wall displays:

  • Mid-air Pointing on Ultra-Walls [5] . The size and resolution of ultra-high resolution wall-sized displays (“ultra-walls”) make traditional pointing techniques inadequate for precision pointing. We studied mid-air pointing techniques that can be combined with other, domain-specific interactions. We explored the limits of existing single-mode remote pointing techniques and demonstrated theoretically that they do not support high-precision pointing on ultra-walls. We then explored solutions to improve mid-air pointing efficiency: a tunable acceleration function and a framework for dual-precision (DP) techniques, both with precise tuning guidelines.

  • WallTweet: A Knowledge Ecosystem for Supporting Situation Awareness [20] . Tweets are an important source of information during large-scale events, like tornados or terrorist attacks. Yet, tweets are hard to visualize and put in a geographical context: large quantities of tweets get sent in a short period, that vary greatly in content and relevance with respect to the crisis at hand. WallTweet is a tweet visualization designed for wall displays and aimed at improving the situation awareness of users monitoring a crisis event utilizing tweets.

  • The monitoring of road trafic data on wall-sized displays [15] . Road traffic is a complex system that can be very unstable. A little perturbation can lead to a traffic-crippling congestion. To avoid such situations, researchers attempt to model traffic in order to prevent congestions and optimize traffic flow. Traffic is also continually monitored by operators in traffic control rooms. We designed an interactive system to monitor traffic on a wall display, that is coupled to traffic modeling algorithms. The system enables users to interactively adjust traffic parameter settings and visualize the impact of these adjustments at both a local and global scale.