Section: New Software and Platforms

New Platforms

Experimental Room for Robotics

We collaborate on this experimental platform with Olivier Rochel (SED Inria Nancy - Grand Est).

Figure 2. Overview of the new experimental room.

A new room has been installed for the experiments of the ResiBots ERC project and of the Codyco FP7 project (Figure 2 ). This 100 m2 room contains a 5.5 × 6 m experimental “arena” made with aluminium trusses.

It is equipped with:

  • a 6D motion capture system (Optitrack), with 8 gibagit cameras (Prime 13);

  • 4 high-power, studio lights;

  • 3 mobile 19” racks (on wheels), which host the power supplies and the computers to control the robots;

  • a 6-legged robot, used by the ResiBots project;

  • an omnidirectional wheeled robot (Kuka Youbot), used by the ResiBots project;

  • a hybrid, wheel-legged robot, used by the ResiBots project (loan by the Pierre and Marie Curie University);

  • a Kinova robotic arm, used by the Codyco project.

The trusses support the motion capture system and the lights, and hold all the cables (network, power, etc.).

This room will also host the iCub humanoid robot that should be received in March 2016.