Section: New Software and Platforms

CENDARI Note-Taking-Environment

Scientific Description

CENDARI (http://www.aviz.fr/Research/CENDARI) Is a European Infrastructure project funded by the EU for 4 years: 2012-2016. Aviz is in charge of the Human-Computer Interface for the project, and develops a tool to allow historians and archivists to take notes, enter them online, manage their images in relations with the notes and documents, and visualize the entities they find in the documents and notes. This system is an extension of the original EditorsNotes project, integrating several innovative components asked by the historians: visualizations, relations with the Semantic Web, and a management of access rights respecting the researchers' desire of privacy for their notes, as well as desire of sharing entities and relations gathered throught the notes and documents.

Functional Description

Editors' Notes is an open-source, web-based tool for recording, organizing, preserving, and opening access to research notes, built with the needs of documentary editing projects, archives, and library special collections in mind.