Section: Research Program

Emerging Technologies

Figure 2. Example emerging technology solutions developed by the team for multi-display environments, wall displays, and token-based visualization.

We want to empower humans to make use of data using different types of display media and to enhance how they can understand and visually and interactively explore information. This includes novel display equipment and accompanying input techniques. The Aviz team specifically focuses on the exploration of the use of large displays in visualization contexts as well as emerging physical and tangible visualizations. In terms of interaction modalities our work focuses on using touch and tangible interaction. Aviz participates to the Digiscope project that funds 11 wall-size displays at multiple places in the Paris area (see http://www.digiscope.fr), connected by telepresence equipment and a Fablab for creating devices. Aviz is in charge of creating and managing the Fablab, uses it to create physical visualizations, and is also using the local wall-size display (called WILD) to explore visualization on large screens. The team also investigates the perceptual, motor and cognitive implications of using such technologies for visualization.