Section: Overall Objectives


Aviz (Analysis and VIsualiZation) is a multidisciplinary project that seeks to improve visual exploration and analysis of large, complex datasets by tightly integrating analysis methods with interactive visualization.

Our work has the potential to affect practically all human activities for and during which data is collected and managed and subsequently needs to be understood. Often data-related activities are characterized by access to new data for which we have little or no prior knowledge of its inner structure and content. In these cases, we need to interactively explore the data first to gain insights and eventually be able to act upon the data contents. Interactive visual analysis is particularly useful in these cases where automatic analysis approaches fail and human capabilities need to be exploited and augmented.

Within this research scope Aviz focuses on five research themes:

  • Methods to visualize and smoothly navigate through large datasets;

  • Efficient analysis methods to reduce huge datasets to visualizable size;

  • Visualization interaction using novel capabilities and modalities;

  • Evaluation methods to assess the effectiveness of visualization and analysis methods and their usability;

  • Engineering tools for building visual analytics systems that can access, search, visualize and analyze large datasets with smooth, interactive response.