Section: Dissemination


Internal or external Inria responsibilities

  • Member of the CDT for Inria Lille (M. Pupin).

  • Member of an Inria hiring committee (young researcher), Inria LNE (M. Pupin)


  • M. Pupin is the new leader of the collective Informatique au féminin from University of Lille, which was launched four years ago and whose goal is to organise computer science initiatives that reach teenage girls and female students. Among other actions, she is fully involved in the event L codent, L créent (she codes, she creates). This action aims to teach code to schoolgirls (13-15 years old), before they amass prejudices against computer science. 50 teenage girls were supervised by 11 female graduate computer science students, to create a proximity link between the young women. To emphasize the fact that coding is a creative and innovative pursuit, we chose to teach Processing, a programming language built for visual arts. After eight sessions of creative coding, a public exhibition was organized at the University with inspirational testimonies of women working in the field of computer science.

  • The team participates to dissemination actions for high school students and high school teachers on a regular basis: multiple presentations on bioinformatics and research in bioinformatics with our dedicated “genome puzzles”, visit of high school students in the team (M. Salson).