Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

Administrative activities

  • The team actively participates in the national GDR Bioinformatique moléculaire . H. Touzet has been a member of the executive committee since 2007. In this context, we take part yearly to the organization of a annual national workshop on sequence analysis and bioinformatics. This year, the workshop is hosted in Lille.

  • H. Touzet is a national representative (chargée de mission) for the Institute for Computer Sciences (INS2I) in CNRS(CNRS: National Center for Scientific Research). She is more specifically in charge of relationships between the Institute and biology sciences.

  • Member of the INRIA evalution commitee (M. Giraud)

  • Scientific secretary of the Gilles Kahn PhD award commitee (M. Giraud)

  • Member of ITMO Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics of AVIESAN (H. Touzet)

  • The team is in charge of the PPF Bioinformatique. This is an initiative of Université Lille 1 that coordinates bioinformatics activities at the local level. It gathers seven labs coming from biology, biochemistry and computer science. Main topics are proteomics, microbiology, population genetics, etc. In this context, we organized three one-day workshops, that gathered around 60 people each: high performance computing for biology, text mining in biology, Analysis of NGS data.

  • Head of PPF bioinformatics – University Lille 1 (H. Touzet)

  • Head of CIB, Lille bioinformatics platform (M. Pupin)

  • Head of ReNaBi-NE (pôle Nord-Est du Réseaux National de Bioinformatique), a cluster of 4 bioinformatics platforms (M. Pupin)

  • Coordinator for the RAweb 2011 of INRIA Lille Nord Europe (A. Ouangraoua)

  • Member of Cordis-Postdoc committee for LNE center (M Pupin)

  • Member of UFR IEEA council (M. Pupin)

  • Member of Polytech'Lille council (S. Janot)

  • Member of the LIFL Laboratory council (H. Touzet)

  • Member of hiring committee (jury d'audition) of IUT de Strasbourg (L. Noé), Université Lille 1 (M Pupin), Université Bordeaux 1 (M Giraud), INRIA (M Giraud), Université Montpellier 2 (M. Salson)

Project reviewing activities

  • Reviewer for the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) (J.-S. Varré)

  • Reviewer for CNRS PEPS and PEPII programs (H. Touzet)

PhD theses, and HdR committees

  • Member of the thesis committee of Anne-Laure Gaillard, Univ. Bordeaux 1 (M. Giraud),

  • Member of the thesis committee of Kunthea Phok, INRA Toulouse, Anouar Ben Hassena, Université Rennes 1, and habilitation committee of Eric Tannier, Université Lyon 1 (H. Touzet)

Editorial and article reviewing activities

  • Program committee of WABI 2011 (H. Touzet), Recomb-CG 2011 (A. Ouangraoua), PPAM-PBC 2011 (M. Giraud) WEPA 2012 (M. Giraud)

  • Reviewer for the journals Bioinformatics (L. Noé, J.-S. Varré), BMC Bioinformatics (L. Noé, H. Touzet), BMC Research Notes (M. Giraud), Theoretical Computer Science (L. Noé, M. Salson), Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (M. Giraud, J.-S. Varré), Nucleic Acids Research (J.-S. Varré), Computers in biology and Medicine (H. Touzet), BMC Evolutionary Biology and Molecular Biology and Evolution (S. Blanquart)

  • Reviewer for the conferences ACM-SAC BIO2011 (L. Noé, J.-S. Varré, H.  Touzet), CPM 2011 (L. Noé), EuroPar 2011 (M. Giraud), SPIRE 2011 (M. Giraud, L. Noé), STACS 2011 (M. Giraud), PSC 2011 (M. Salson), IC3 2011 (J.-S. Varré),