Section: New Results

Drones for Human interaction

Participants: Rajkumar Darbar, Anke Brock, Martin Hachet.

We have also continued working with drones. In particular, we have proposed FlyMap as a novel user experience for interactive maps projected from a drone. We iteratively designed three interaction techniques for FlyMap’s usage scenarios. In a comprehensive indoor study (N = 16), we show the strengths and weaknesses of the techniques on users’ cognition, task load and satisfaction. We then pilot tested FlyMap outdoors in real world conditions with four groups of participants. We show that its interactivity is exciting to users, opening the space for more direct interactions with drones [20].  

We are currently exploring the use of drones to bring passive haptic feedback in immersive VR scenario. Concretely, we are building a system where drones, equipped with flat panels, co-locate themselves with virtual objects to provide physical feedbacks to VR users.