Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary discipline by nature and our work relies on collaborations with several biological research groups.

  • The project on nonribosomal peptide synthesis is based on a collaboration with the ProBioGEM laboratory (Laboratoire des Procédés Biologiques Génie Enzymatique et Microbien), headed by Pr. Dhulster, University Lille 1. This laboratory develops methods to produce and extract active peptides in agriculture or food. The PhD work of Ségolène Caboche defended in 2009 was co-supervised by Valérie Leclère from ProBioGem. A PhD work started on this subject in 2008: Aurélien Vanvlassenbroeck is working at ProBioGEM and is co-supervised by Maude Pupin.

  • We collaborate with the Laboratoire de Génétique et Évolution des Populations Végétales (UMR CNRS 8016), Université de Lille 1 on the study of genomic rearrangements in the mitochondrial genome of higher plants. The goal is to identify evolutionary forces and molecular mechanisms that modeled the present diversity of mitochondrial genome at the species level, and in particular potentially active recombination sequences that have been used in the course of time. Data is acquired thanks to Genoscope projects (in beet and silene). A PhD work defended in 2010 by Aude Darracq was co-supervised by Pascal Touzet from GEPV.

  • At the end of 2010, we started a collaboration with the sequencing platform of Université Lille 2 and IRCL (M. Figeac) and the hematology lab of Lille hospital (N. Grardel, C. Roumier, C. Preudhomme), on the diagnosis of leukemia residual disease.

  • Our team is a member of the PPF Bioinformatique. This is an initiative of the University Lille 1 that coordinates public bioinformatics activities at the local level for the period 2010-13.

  • We collaborate with the INSERM unit 800, Université Lille 1, to infer scenario for the creation of new exons and new alternative splicings during the evolution TRPM8 enzyme in Human.