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2009 Inria teams activity reports

The Inria's Research Teams produce an annual Activity Report presenting their activities and their results of the year. These reports include the team members, the scientific program, the software developed by the team and the new results of the year. The report also describes the grants, contracts and the activities of dissemination and teaching. Finally, the report gives the list of publications of the year.

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    • abs - Algorithms, Biology, Structure PDF XML
    • abstraction - Abstract Interpretation PDF XML
    • aces - Ambient Computing and Embedded Systems PDF XML
    • adam - Adaptive Distributed Applications and Middleware PDF XML
    • adept - Algorithms for Dynamic Dependable Systems PDF XML
    • alchemy - Architectures, Languages and Compilers to Harness the End of Moore Years PDF XML
    • alcove - Interacting with complex objects in collaborative virtual environments PDF XML
    • alea - Advanced Learning Evolutionary Algorithms PDF XML
    • alf - Amdahl's Law is Forever PDF XML
    • algorille - Algorithms for the Grid PDF XML
    • algorithms - Algorithms PDF XML
    • alice - Geometry and Lighting PDF XML
    • alien - ALgèbre pour Identification et Estimation Numériques PDF XML
    • alpage - Analyse Linguistique Profonde À Grande Échelle PDF XML
    • amib - Algorithms and Models for Integrative Biology PDF XML
    • anubis - Models and Methods in Biomathematics, Tools of automatic control and scientific computing PDF XML
    • aoste - Models and Methods for the Analysis and Optimization of Systems with Real-time and Embedded Constraints PDF XML
    • apics - Analysis and Problems of Inverse type in Control and Signal processing PDF XML
    • arénaire - Computer Arithmetic PDF XML
    • ariana - Inverse Problems in Earth Observation and Cartography PDF XML
    • arles - Software Architectures and Distributed Systems PDF XML
    • arobas - Advanced Robotics and Autonomous Systems PDF XML
    • artis - Acquisition, Representation and Transformations for Image Synthesis PDF XML
    • asap - As Scalable As Possible:Foundations of large-scale dynamic systems PDF XML
    • asclepios - Analysis and Simulation of Biomedical Images PDF XML
    • ascola - ASpect and COmposition LAnguages PDF XML
    • aspi - Applications of interacting particle systems to statistics PDF XML
    • ateams - Analysis and Transformation based on rEliAble tool coMpositionS PDF XML
    • atlanmod - Modeling Technologies for Software Production, Operation, and Evolution PDF XML
    • atlas - Complex Data Management in Distributed Systems PDF XML
    • aviz - Analysis and Visualization PDF XML
    • axis - User-Centered Design, Improvement and Analysis of Information Systems PDF XML
    • bacchus - Parallel tools for Numerical Analysis and Resolution of essentially Hyperbolic problems PDF XML
    • bang - Biophysique, Analyse Numérique et Géophysique PDF XML
    • bipop - Nonsmooth Dynamics and Optimization PDF XML
    • bunraku - Perception, decision and action of real and virtual humans in virtual environments and impact on real environments PDF XML
    • cairn - Energy Efficient Computing ArchItectures with Embedded Reconfigurable Resources PDF XML
    • calligramme - Linear Logic, Proof Nets and Categorial Grammars PDF XML
    • calvi - Scientific Computing and Visualization PDF XML
    • carte - Theoretical Adverse Computations, and Safety PDF XML
    • cascade - Construction and Analysis of Systems for Confidentiality and Authenticity of Data and Entities PDF XML
    • cassis - Combining approaches for the security of infinite state systems PDF XML
    • celtique - Semantic analysis for software certification PDF XML
    • cépage - Chercher et Essaimer dans les Plates-formes À Grande Échelle PDF XML
    • clime - Coupling environmental data and numerical simulation models for integrated software solution PDF XML
    • comète - Concurrence, Mobilité et Transactions PDF XML
    • commands - Control, Optimization, Models, Methods and Applications for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems PDF XML
    • comore - Modeling and control of renewable resources PDF XML
    • compsys - Compilation and Embedded Computing Systems PDF XML
    • concha - Complex flow simulation Codes based on High-order and Adaptive methods PDF XML
    • contraintes - Constraint Programming PDF XML
    • coprin - Constraints solving, OPtimization, Robust INterval analysis PDF XML
    • corida - Robust Control Of Infinite Dimensional Systems and Applications PDF XML
    • cortex - Computational Neuroscience PDF XML
    • costeam - Optimal and secure management of manufacturing systems XML
    • cqfd - Contrôle de Qualité & Fiabilité Dynamique PDF XML
    • talaris - Traitement Automatique des Langues: Représentations, Inférences et Sémantique PDF XML
    • tanc - Théorie Algorithmique des Nombres pour la Cryptologie PDF XML
    • tao - Thème Apprentissage et Optimisation PDF XML
    • temics - TraitEment, Modélisation d'Images et CommunicationS PDF XML
    • texmex - Efficient Exploitation of Multimedia Documents: Exploring, Indexing and Searching in Very Large Databases PDF XML
    • tosca - TO Simulate and CAlibrate stochastic processes PDF XML
    • trec - Network Theory and Communications PDF XML
    • trio - Temps Réel et InterOpérabilité (Real Time and InterOperability) PDF XML
    • triskell - Model Driven Engineering for Component Based Software PDF XML
    • tropics - Transformations et Outils Informatiques pour le Calcul Scientifique PDF XML
    • typical - Types, Logic, and Computation PDF XML
    • d-net - Dynamic Networks PDF XML
    • dahu - Verification in Database PDF XML
    • dart - Dataparallelism for Real-Time PDF XML
    • defi - Shape Reconstruction and Identification PDF XML
    • demar - Artificial movement and gait restoration PDF XML
    • digiplante - Mathematical models for plant growth and architecture PDF XML
    • dionysos - Dependability, Interoperability and PerfOrmaNce analYsiS of netwOrkS PDF XML
    • distribcom - Distributed Models and Algorithms for the Management of Telecommunication Systems PDF XML
    • dolphin - Discrete multi-objective Optimization for Large scale Problems with Hybrid dIstributed techNiques PDF XML
    • dream - Diagnosis, REcommending Actions and Modeling PDF XML
    • e-motion - Geometry and Probability for Motion and Action PDF XML
    • ecoo - Environment for cooperation PDF XML
    • edelweiss - Exchanges Documents Extraction Languages Web Ergonomics Interaction Semantics Servers PDF XML
    • espresso - Synchronous programming for the trusted component-based engineering of embedded systems and mission-critical systems PDF XML
    • estime - Parameter Estimation and Modeling in Heterogeneous Media PDF XML
    • evasion - Virtual environments for animation and image synthesis of natural objects PDF XML
    • exmo - Computer-mediated communication of structured knowledge PDF XML
    • flowers - Flowing Epigenetic Robots and Systems : Developmental and Social Robotics PDF XML
    • fluminance - Fluid flow Analysis, Description and Control from Image Sequences PDF XML
    • formes - FOrmal Methods for Embedded Systems PDF XML
    • galaad - Géométrie, Algèbre, Algorithmes PDF XML
    • galen - Or GAn Mode Ling through Extraction, Representation and Understa Nding of Medical Image Content PDF XML
    • gallium - Programming languages, types, compilation and proofs PDF XML
    • gamma - Génération Automatique de Maillages et Méthodes d'Adaptation PDF XML
    • gang - Graphs, networks and algorithms PDF XML
    • gemo - Management of Data and Knowledge Distributed Over the Web PDF XML
    • geometrica - Geometric Computing PDF XML
    • geostat - Geometry and Statistics in acquisition data PDF XML
    • graal - Algorithms and Scheduling for Distributed Heterogeneous Platforms PDF XML
    • grand-large - Calcul parallèle et distribué à grande échelle PDF XML
    • gravitÉ - Graph Visualization and Interactive Exploration PDF XML
    • hiepacs - High-End Parallel Algorithms for Challenging Numerical Simulations PDF XML
    • hipercom - HIgh PERformance COMmunication PDF XML
    • i4s - Inference for Structures PDF XML
    • ibis - Modeling, simulation, measurement, and control of bacterial regulatory networks PDF XML
    • imara - Informatique, Mathématiques et Automatique pour la Route Automatisée PDF XML
    • imedia - Images and Multimedia: Indexing, Retrieval and Navigation PDF XML
    • in-situ - Situated Interaction PDF XML
    • indes - Informatique Diffuse et Sécurisée PDF XML
    • iparla - Computer Graphics and 3D Interaction for Mobile Users PDF XML
    • ipso - Invariant Preserving Solvers PDF XML
    • kerdata - Cloud and Grid Storage for Very Large Distributed Data PDF XML
    • lagadic - Visual servoing in robotics, computer vision, and augmented reality PDF XML
    • lear - Learning and Recognition in Vision PDF XML
    • lfant - Lithe and Fast Algorithmic Number Theory PDF XML
    • licit - Legal Issues in Communication and Information Technologies PDF XML
    • lognet - Logical Networks: Self-organizing Overlay Networks and Generic Overlay Computing Systems PDF XML
    • macs - Modeling, Analysis and Control for Computational Structural Dynamics PDF XML
    • madynes - Management of Dynamic Networks and Services PDF XML
    • maestro - Models for Performance Analysis and Control of Networks PDF XML
    • magique-3d - Modélisation avancée en Géophysique 3D PDF XML
    • magnome - Models and Algorithms for the Genome PDF XML
    • magrit - Visual Augmentation of Complex Environments PDF XML
    • maia - Autonomous and Intelligent MAchine PDF XML
    • marelle - Mathematics, Reasoning, and Software PDF XML
    • masaie - Tools and Models of Nonlinear Control Theory for Epidemiology and Immunology PDF XML
    • mascotte - Méthodes Algorithmiques, Simulation et Combinatoire pour l'OpTimisation des TElécommunications PDF XML
    • mathfi - Financial Mathematics PDF XML
    • maxplus - Algèbres max-plus et mathématiques de la décision/Max-plus algebras and mathematics of decision PDF XML
    • mc2 - Modelling, control and computations: applications to fluid mechanics and biology PDF XML
    • mere - Modelling and Water Resources PDF XML
    • mescal - Middleware Efficiently SCALable PDF XML
    • metalau - Méthodes, algorithmes et logiciels pour l'automatique PDF XML
    • metiss - Modélisation et Expérimentation pour le Traitement des Informations et des Signaux Sonores PDF XML
    • mexico - Modelling and Exploitation of Interaction and Concurrency PDF XML
    • micmac - Methods and Engineering of Multiscale Computing from Atom to Continuum PDF XML
    • mirages - Object Manipulation in Image Sequences for Augmented Reality and Special Effects PDF XML
    • mistis - Modelling and Inference of Complex and Structured Stochastic Systems PDF XML
    • moais - Multi-programmation et Ordonnancement pour les Applications Interactives de Simulation PDF XML
    • moise - Modelling, Observations, Identification for Environmental Sciences PDF XML
    • moscova - Mobility, Security, Concurrency, Verification and Analysis PDF XML
    • mostrare - Modeling Tree Structures, Machine Learning, and Information Extraction PDF XML
    • nachos - Numerical modeling and high performance computing for evolution problems in complex domains and heterogeneous media PDF XML
    • necs - Networked Control Systems PDF XML
    • netquest - Declarative Network Programming PDF XML
    • neuromathcomp - Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience PDF XML
    • numed - Numerics for Medecine PDF XML
    • oasis - Objets Actifs, Sémantique, Internet et Sécurité PDF XML
    • odyssée - Computer and biological vision PDF XML
    • opale - Optimization and Control, Numerical Algorithms and Integration of Multidisciplinary Complex P.D.E. Systems PDF XML
    • orpailleur - Knowledge Discovery guided by Domain Knowledge PDF XML
    • planete - Protocoles et Applications pour l'Internet PDF XML
    • poems - Wave propagation: Mathematical Analysis and Simulation PDF XML
    • pop art - Programming languages, Operating systems, Parallelism, and Aspects for Real-Time PDF XML
    • pops - System & Networking for Portable Objects Proved to be Safe PDF XML
    • prima - Perception, recognition and integration for interactive environments PDF XML
    • proval - Proof of programs PDF XML
    • pulsar - Perception Understanding Learning Systems for Activity Recognition PDF XML
    • pumas - Plasmas, tUrbulence, Modelization, Approximation and Simulation PDF XML
    • π.r² - Design, study and implementation of languages for proofs and programs PDF XML
    • rap - Réseaux, Algorithmes et Probabilités PDF XML
    • realopt - Reformulation based algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization PDF XML
    • regal - Resource management in large scale distributed systems PDF XML
    • reo - Numerical simulation of biological flows PDF XML
    • reso - Optimized protocols and software for high performance networks PDF XML
    • reves - Rendering and virtual environments with sound PDF XML
    • rmod - Analyses and Language Constructs for Object-Oriented Application Evolution PDF XML
    • runtime - Efficient Runtime Systems for Parallel Architectures PDF XML
    • s4 - System Synthesis and Supervision, Scenarios PDF XML
    • sage - Simulations and Algorithms on Grids for Environmental Applications PDF XML
    • salsa - Solvers for ALgebraic Systems and Applications PDF XML
    • sardes - System Architecture for Reflective Distributed Computing Environments PDF XML
    • secret - Security, Cryptology and Transmissions PDF XML
    • secsi - Sécurité des systèmes d'information PDF XML
    • select - Model Selection and Statistical Learning PDF XML
    • sequel - Sequential Learning PDF XML
    • sequoia - Algorithms for large-scale sequence analysis for molecular biology PDF XML
    • signes - Linguistic signs, grammar and meaning: computational logic for natural language PDF XML
    • simpaf - SImulation and Modelling for PArticles and Fluids PDF XML
    • sisyphe - SIgnals and SYstems in PHysiology and Engineering PDF XML
    • smash - Simulation, Modeling and Analysis of Heterogeneous Systems in Continuum Mechanics PDF XML
    • smis - Secured and Mobile Information Systems PDF XML
    • swing - Smart Wireless NetworkinG PDF XML
    • symbiose - SYstèmes et Modèles BIOlogiques, BIOinformatique et SEquences PDF XML
    • vasy - Validation of Systems PDF XML
    • vegas - Effective Geometric Algorithms for Visibility and Surfaces PDF XML
    • vertecs - Verification models and techniques applied to the Testing and Control of reactive Systems PDF XML
    • virtual plants - Modeling plant morphogenesis at different scales, from genes to phenotypes PDF XML
    • visages - Vision Action et Gestion d'informations en Santé PDF XML
    • vistas - Vision Spatio-Temporelle et Apprentissage PDF XML
    • wam - Web, Adaptation and Multimedia PDF XML
    • willow - Models of Visual Object Recognition and Scene Understanding PDF XML